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Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Tops Four Million Shipped

Latest entry ships in one month what predecessor managed in two years.

No stopping Monster Hunter on the PSP!

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd continues to outpace its predecessors as it reached the four million shipped mark one month after its release. In its announcement of the shipment figure today, Capcom noted that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G took two years to reach the same mark.

Total sales for the Monster Hunter series as a whole now stands at 17 million units.

If you're a stickler for sales versus shipments, MHP3rd's figures may be close to parity. Last week's sales chart from Media Create (see the full chart here) had the game at total 3.56 million units sold. Media Create hasn't released this week's figures yet, but Famitsu.com passed along Enterbrain data today showing that the game was the number one selling title for the typically busy last week of the year.

Capcom expects Monster Hunter mania to continue as it pushes the game through the Monster Hunter Festa '11 fan event and tournament, which begins in March.

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