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Nintendo World Metal Gear Solid Stage Live Blog

Yoshikazu Matsuhana will be taking the stage at Nintendo World to detail Konami's Metal Gear Solid plans for the 3DS. Click here for a live blog of the proceedings.


Solid Snake will be making an early appearance on the 3DS through a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater. We haven't heard too much about the game since its announcement at E3, but that will hopefully change today as producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana hosts a "Metal Gear Solid Series" stage event as part of the Nintendo World 3DS demo event.

The stage will begin at 13:45. You can view it live for yourself at Nintendo's live stream page. We'll be live blogging the happenings straight from the Nintendo World event space, so be sure and keep this browser window open as you watch the stream.

For all our Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater coverage, see our database page for the game. For all our Nintendo World coverage, see our event portal page.

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14:16 -- I'm going to line up to play Dead or Alive.

14:16 -- The presentation is over. And yes, Matsuhana didn't really say anything.

14:14 -- He promises they'll use the camera, gyro, touch sensor and other areas for the game.

14:13 -- He hints that there will be some in-game use for the camera -- taking pictures in the game and in the real world.

14:11 -- Next up, the 3D camera.

14:11 -- He just says that they're thinking about ways to use this area, although he didn't confirm anything. Kojima previously said that Street Pass would be put to use.

14:09 -- The MC asks about Matsuhana's opinion on Street Pass and Spot Pass.

14:09 -- He feels that the 3DS has pretty much everything a developer could want.

14:08 -- He asks Matsuhana what the things about the 3DS as a developer.

14:08 -- The MC notes that there are lots of other features about the 3DS other than the 3D.

14:07 -- This was done to try out things that could surprise or shock the user.

14:06 -- Next up, the enemy soldier dropping his cigarettes.

14:05 -- Next, the bridge scene with the insects and helicopter.

14:04 -- The staff wanted to mess around with depth-based positioning of items on the screen.

14:03 -- First up, the logo text.

14:03 -- They're going to show some of those points on the stage monitor, although it's only 2D unfortunately.

14:02 -- Matsuhana is listing some points we should note about the demo.

14:01 -- They were really motivated to work on the demo.

14:01 -- The people on that dream team, including Hideo Kojima, were very much interested in seeing what could be done with the 3DS hardware.

14:00 -- The special team was an "amazing team," says Matsuhana -- a dream team. Top class programmers, designers, etc.

13:59 -- Konami had a special team work on the demo (Kojima revealed all this in past interviews.)

13:59 -- Matsuhana didn't actually take part in the development of the Naked Sample demo that's on display today.

13:58 -- Matsuhana says he's not allowed to say when he first saw the 3DS.

13:58 -- Finally, they're moving on to the 3DS version.

13:56 -- Now they're moving on to an introduction to Metal Gear Solid 3 -- how it's the first in the series chronologically, etc..

13:54 -- Did you know that Kojima Productions calls the full Metal Gear timeline the "Metal Gear Saga"? If not, now you do!

13:53 -- They're doing some general introductions to the Metal Gear series as a whole.

13:50 -- For Metal Gear Solid, he wasn't working as a programmer. He was working as a level designer.

13:49 -- In other words, he's been working on Metal Gear Solid since the beginning.

13:49 -- He then went right on to Metal Gear Solid.

13:49 -- He then joined Kojima Productions as the main programmer on Snatcher.

13:49 -- He joined Konami as a programmer working on Konami's first Super Famicom title, Gradius III.

13:48 -- Matsuhana is giving an introduction to himself.

13:47 -- Mori (the MC) is praising the demo.

13:47 -- Matsuhana says he's going to introduce Snake Eater.

13:46 -- The MC has introduced producer Yoshikazu Matsuhana to the stage.

13:45 -- I wonder if he's just here to watch...

13:45 -- Hideo Kojima just walked past me, I swear!!!

13:45 -- The stage event is starting!

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