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Nintendo World Resident Evil Stage Live Blog

Will new details on Revelations and Mercenaries be revealed? Probably not.

Resident Evil Revelations (left) and The Mercenaries 3D (right) in the spotlight at Nintendo World 2011.

Capcom is hosting a Resident Evil stage at Nintendo World today. Going by past Nintendo World stages, it's likely that nothing will be announced. But I'm gong to live blog anyway just in case!

Check this space close to the 15:00 start of the stage.

UPDATE: The live blog ended midway through the stage event due to some technical difficulties involving batteries having not being properly charged the night before. We continued posts at the Nintendo World mobile blog. Following the Mercenaries 3D demo, Kawata said the game will be released not too far from the 3DS's launch. Hama said that with Revelations, his staff is aiming to make the top horror game in the world.

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15:20 -- The stage looks like it has the same scale as the HD titles.

15:20 -- He makes Claire climb up to higher ground, then run around, leap over fences, taunt enemies...

15:19 -- The stage is from RE5.

15:19 -- He's using Claire.

15:19 -- Takenaka comes back out on stage to demonstrate the game.

15:18 -- This is the first time ever in the world!

15:18 -- They're going to show a live play demonstration!

15:17 -- They show just the same previously announced characters.

15:17 -- How it originates from Resident Evil 5, etc...

15:16 -- Kawat is offering a general introduction to Mercenaries now.

15:15 -- Kawata explains that Revelations places the focus on horror. Mercenaries places the focus on high action.

15:14 -- CVXFREAK is breaking the rules and taking pictures!!!

15:13 -- They're showing a new PV for Mercenaries.

15:13 -- Kawata turns the stage to The Mercenaries 3D.

15:13 -- When playing the demo, Hama wants players to keep attention to the realistic visuals and the touch-panel controls.

15:12 -- Hmm... they ended the demo right in time!

15:12 -- Oh man... I think Takenaka is going to die!!!

15:10 -- Hama is going on and on about the graphics... AND HE'S RIGHT!!!

15:10 -- Man... on the big screen, I noticed how much Jill's butt shakes.

15:09 -- Hama notes that you can use a virtual pad on the touch panel to make Jill look around.

15:09 -- Jill on the ghost ship.

15:09 -- The demo they're playing is the same as the show demo.

15:09 -- Hama is going to be providing commentary while Takenaka plays.

15:08 -- Assistant producer Takenaka Tsukasa takes the stage to demo the game.

15:08 -- Hama says that the visual quality does not lose out to consoles.

15:06 -- The next slide they show has a bunch of screens showing the game's high quality visuals courtesy of the MT Framework.

5:06 -- There's more than just the ship stage that's in the demo.

15:06 -- There will be some massive stages, he says.

15:05 -- These were shown in Famitsu in the past.

15:05 -- Hama shows some image boards from the game.

15:05 -- These will be revealed in future announcements.

15:05 -- Hama is introducing Revelations. He promises more classic characters outside of Jill and Chris.

15:03 -- They're going to first introduce Revelations.

15:02 -- The MC calls out Masachika Kawata and Takayuki Hama.

15:01 -- The MC takes the stage (and CVXFREAK almost starts clapping.)

15:01 -- (By the way, Resident Evil master CVXFREAK is right next to me, and I promised him a steak dinner if he runs on stage and embraces Kawata.)

15:00 -- The stage is starting off with a trailer. It's the same one that's being shown in the event space.

14:59 -- Here's a direct link: live stream

14:59 -- Remember, you can watch the stage live for yourself at Nintendo.co.jp.

14:58 -- The stage is about to begin!

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