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Iwata Defends 3DS 3D Warning

System packaging to have warning messages about continued use by children.

Warning messages at the Nintendo World event. Staff distributed Toad stickers for parents to place on young children.

Nintendo issued a warning a few weeks back saying that the 3DS's 3D mode should not be used by children six years and under. At this weekend's Nintendo World event, Nintendo had young children play demos exclusively in 2D, and even enforced this rule by having parents stick a special sticker featuring the Toad character to their children.

This continued stance come despite statements from some specialists indicating that there's no evidence of negative effects on vision when kids play 3D titles.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, conducted on the 9th, Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata defended the warnings. They're not meant to mean that game systems are dangerous, said Iwata. Rather, Nintendo hopes to give its customers adequate information and protect against lawsuits.

Nintendo very actively attempts to share information with its customers, Iwata said. Outside of this goal, it would never issue a warning that would not lead to a plus in sales.

Iwata insisted that some specialists believe that extended viewing of 3D video has the possibility of leading to negative effects on vision in young children. However, he did not tell the publication who these specialists are.

He also noted that compared to other 3D product, game systems tend to be used for longer continuous period. Parents use games as a baby sitter at times.

The 3DS packaging will have plenty of warnings indicating the possibility of negative impacts on continued play by children. Both the instruction manual and system packaging will have warning messages.

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