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Catherine Promotional Video 5

Live action footage shows random people answering the burning question: "Do you want to get married?"


Atlus appears to be upping the pace with the Catherine promotional videos. Less than a week after the fourth video comes the fifth one, courtesy of Famitsu.com.

You can view a streaming version here:

This trailer has a mix of cinema, gameplay and live action footage. Yes, live action. At the beginning of the clip, we see a few random people answering the question, "Do you want to get married?" One person is then asked "So, do you want to marry your current girlfriend?" The following text reads something to the effect of, "You unsure lambs will get stabbed by your girlfriend."

The following gameplay sequences show some big creatures that Vincent will encounter in his nightmares. There's also a section where Vincent is forced to respond to a question: is marriage the start of life or the end of life?". The response appears to determine where you progress next.

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