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There Was Once a Yakuza 3D

Series director responds to fan requests for a 3D Yakuza game by revealing that there already was one.

This would be pretty neat in 3D...

Yakuza series director Toshihiro Nagoshi visited Nintendo World over the weekend and has since been blogging about his experience.

In one post, Nagoshi noted that he's been receiving comments from readers asking for a 3D version of Yakuza. Nagoshi replied that his staff actually did make a 3D version of the game at one point. "Yakuza 3D was amazing," he teased. He added that he'd like to at some point show it to everyone.

Much of Nagoshi's post was actually about 3D technology and some of the difficulties associated with it. While making something output in 3D isn't itself very difficult, you lose visual quality because the system has to output two images simultaneously. One must decide if they want to use the full power of the hardware and output in standard 2D, or accept half the visual power in order to output in 3D. He expects this type of decision to be made depending on the game.

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