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Ace Attorney Investigations 2 Demo Hits Today

New demo actually playable on your DS.

Get an early sampling of the Ace Attorney Investigations sequel.

Capcom released an Ace Attorney Investigations 2 demo last year, but it ran as a Flash app on your PC. For those a want to actually try the game on the DS, a real demo became available today.

Access the Everyone's Nintendo Channel on the Wii, and you'll be able to download a demo that shows off the game's Logic Chess Mode and a section from the opening chapter as you investigate an assassination.

For those without a Wii, the demo will be available through retail DS Station kiosks tomorrow and Nintendo Zone hot spots on the 14th. The DS Station version can be played on the spot at the retailer if you don't mind touching a stylus that someone else used.

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 sees release on February 3.

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