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Pokemon Black & White Sales Top Five Million

Fastest DS title to five million units.


This was widely expected to happen this week, but Enterbrain and Media Create made it official today: Pokemon Black & White has topped the five million mark in domestic sales.

According to Famitsu.com, a site that's published by Enterbrain, Black & White has, as of January 9, the end of Enterbrain's most recent tracking week, reached 5,036,724 units.

Pokemon Black & White isn't alone as a five million seller, as four other DS titles have achieved the same sales feat. However, at 17 weeks, Black & White is the fastest game to reach the figure.

Released on September 18, 2010, Black & White was the top selling title for all of 2010, edging out second place by 1.5 million units. For more 2010 sales stats, see this story.

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