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Catherine: Stray Sheep Bar Detailed

Info on the bar's employees, patrons, and a 50 stage arcade game.

Vincent and friends at the Stray Sheep bar.

Catherine keeps on fighting Dragon Quest X for first place in Famitsu's most wanted list. Last week, DQX (which doesn't have an image or logo) came out on top. This week, Catherine was back in first place.

Famitsu delivered another report on the game this week. The focus this time is on Stray Sheep, a bar that Vincent frequents. The magazine passed along details on the bar's two employees, a few of its patrons, and some of the side activities you can enjoy.

The two employees are Erica and Master. Erica, voiced by Junko Minagawa, is the redhead waitress we've seen in screenshots. She's 32-years-old and is a childhood friend of Vincent. She has a bright personality and is up to date on town gossip. Master is the barkeep. You'll go through him to make friends with new customers. He's personally experienced many scenes of carnage (I have no idea what this means.)

Erica (left) and Master (right).

When you're in the bar, new costumers will come in every now and then. Their facial expressions and conversation will change daily. It's possible that you could miss out on an important conversation if your timing is off, so you'll need to probably want to talk to whoever is important first.

The magazine introduces three Stray Sheep patrons you'll meet:

A person who works at the same company as Vincent's girlfriend, Katherine. He often brings his subordinate Archer with him to the bar.
A newspaper reporter who looks good with glasses. His heart was hurt in some incident from the past.
A police officer who visits the bar in his uniform. He's been pursuing the truth behind a particular crime for six years now.

Outside of speaking to customers, there are a number of things you can do in the bar. Famitsu has a look at two activities.

Vincent gets drunk at the bar.

You'll find a jukebox in the bar. This allows you to change the bar's background music. The jukebox has songs from the game and from other sources as well.

The bar also has an arcade game called Rapunzel. This looks a bit like Vincent's nightmares, as you guide a character up a tower of blocks, moving blocks to create a stairway, all in an effort to rescue Rapunzel from the witch. The game has over 50 stages. Other customers play the game too, and if you beat their scores, you could end up with a chance for further conversation.

Famitsu.com is pretty good about getting Famitsu's print coverage online quickly, so expect a look at these areas of the game some time this week.

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