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Yakuza Of the End's Zombie Types Revealed

Plus, the sexy scientist who researches the evil that stalks the streets of Kamurocho.

Reiko Hasegawa, your source for zombie news.

In past Yakuza titles, the neon city of Kamurocho, much like the wretched real life Kabukicho off which it's based, was packed with all varieties of people, from yakuza to homeless, and even the dreaded gaijeeeeeen!

Yakuza Of the End has all sorts of people too... only they're now undead. Famitsu this week introduces some of the game's zombie types. These include:

Yakuza Type
Formerly roamed the streets of Kamurocho as yakuza, they have sharp looks but aren't necessarily strong.
Nakionna Type
I believe "nakionna" is a character type for a girl who cries endlessly at funerals and such events. These zombies are constantly screaming in fear and will alert allies to support them.
Homeless Zombie
A zombie that was formerly a homeless person. Even after zombie conversion, they still behave like homeless people.

The magazine also introduces the small framed Chibizaru zombies, large beastlike Dekamacho, and the Tribal.

To get information on the creatures that stalk Kamurocho, you'll rely on Reiko Hasegawa, a zombie researcher and quite the looker. Since Kamurocho's fall, she's been collecting information on zombies. She approaches the main characters with her information, but it's not entirely clear why she's looking into zombies in the first place.

Through Hasegawa's cooperation, you'll gain access to a zombie materials file which can be viewed to learn the background behind the various zombie types, their weak points, and other information. This file expands as you progress through the story and game.

Hasegawa works with a Kamurocho vigilante group called "The Shield of Kamurocho" to secure "free routes" into the zombie infested areas of Kamurocho that were sealed off from the rest of the world by a wall constructed by the Japanese Self Defense Force. By cooperating with her, you'll be able to freely enter and exit the sealed area.

She'll also give you missions. Clear these, and you'll get points from her. These points can be exchanged for items. Hasegawa will also assign "special missions." These are tougher than the normal missions and have main character specific elements.

Some of the missions Hasegawa will give you will arrive on your cell phone. In one e-mail that's shown in Famitsu, Hasegawa tells you that the Club Sega, Matsuya and Volcano pachinko parlor need help with zombie attacks. By helping them out, you can restore these play spots to normal operation (presumably allowing you to use them as date spots).

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