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The Last Story: Characters, Ruli City, and Tension

Latest update just two weeks ahead of Sakaguchi RPG release.


Our latest update on The Last Story comes from both the game's official site and this week's Famitsu and includes new character, location and combat details.


The official site provides a look at two new characters: Zangurg and Tasha.

Zangurg is king of the Gurg race (note that I've changed the romanization of the race's name from "Gurugu," because official romanization appears in Famitsu). As previously detailed, the Gurg race were once chased off the content but are to this day enemies to mankind. Zangurg used his charisma and power to unite the Gurg people for the first time in history.

Tasha is a knight and pupil to General Trista, and has been accompanying the general on his travels. A knight with great skill with a sword, it appears that Tasha does not think too fondly of mercenaries, the class of warrior that includes main character Elza and his companions.


Famitsu provides our latest look at Ruli City.

In past trailers, we've seen a pub where Elza and his mercenary group discuss their upcoming mission. This pub is known as Ariel Inn. Located across from Ruli City's Central Plaza, Ariel Inn is a combination pub and inn where Elza and his crew stay. The first floor is a pub while the second floor is an inn.

Elza and his party members have rooms at the hotel, apparently separate rooms for the girls and boys. In front of the room, you'll find a save point.

While in the pub area, you'll be able to speak to many of the patrons. Those who are capable of conversation are marked with an arrow above their head. Conversation scenes are handled differently depending on importance. Most show close-up portraits of the characters as they speak. Important scenes are handled like events with scripted camerawork.

Also introduced in the magazine is an area we've been hearing bits and pieces about over the past few weeks: the arena. This circular arena is located just outside of town. You can visit the arena to hone your party's skills in combat against monsters and other foes.

When you begin a battle in the arena, a room rises from the arena's underground. This room serves as the location for the upcoming battle.

It looks like the arena-based fights will have a sports-like feel to them. The game provides spoken color commentary as you fight.

Outside the arena, you'll find people making wagers on the fights. If you end up victorious, you'll be able to collect items and money from the wagerers.


Tension moves are special battle moves that deplete your tension gauge, which builds up during combat. You select the moves by switching into command mode.

Each character has different moves. Famitsu introduces three this week:

Jackal, master of ice magic, has a tension move called "Absolute 0." This attacks enemies with a blizzard, dealing direct damage. It also has a "slip" effect, which makes enemies fall over.
Manamia, your party's healer, has a tension move called "Revive." This recovers fallen foes allies, restoring their HP completely.
I'm not sure how to translate the name of Seiren's tenson move, but it causes damages and paralysis to enemies. When Seiren executes the move, she leaps up high into the air and sends down needles at the enemy.

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