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Ace Attorney Investigations 2: Chapter 3

Take control of Miles Edgeworth's father in the Ace Attorney Investigations sequel.


Want to know what happens in chapter 3 of Ace Attorney Investigations 2? Of course you do! Here are the details, courtesy of the official site.

As always, I'm using some strange combination of Japanese names and English names, so no objections please! (Although if you see a name that you think I should change to English, by all means let me know in the comments)

Key persons in chapter 3 (from left to right in the below image) include:

Gregory Edgeworth (Shin Mitsurugi)
Head of the Mitsurugi Law Office, father of main character Miles Edgeworth (Reiji Mitsurugi), and instructor who taught Tateyuki Shigaraki (see below) everything about being a lawyer.
Tateyuki Shigaraki
A "lawyer egg" who's working part time at the Mitsurugi Law Office. He's a young man with a strong sense of justice who speaks passionately about his dreams. His dream is to become a lawyer like Gregory. While he studies hard, he still has some indulgent areas.
Issei Tenkai
Recognized as the number one pastry chef in the world. He appears on a television program called "Dansweets," where he makes sweets while dancing and singing. When he's moved, he will suddenly sing, surprising those around him.
Tsukasa Oyashiki
Watches over the Tenkai manor, and also serves as Tenkai's assistant on the Dansweets program. She loves singing and dancing. While she dances, she becomes incapable of seeing her surroundings.

Visit the official site character page for short video clips of these characters.

Fans of the series will know that Gregory Edgeworth is dead in present times. His death was the focus of the first Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney game.

In chapter 3 of Ace Attorney Investigations 2, we learn the truth behind Gregory's past. The chapter takes place 18 years in the past and covers an investigation conducted by Gregory.

You play as Gregory instead of Miles in this chapter. You'll see characters in their past, notably Shigaraki. In modern times, as depicted in other parts of the game (he first appears in chapter 2), Shigaraki has become a shrewd lawyer. Here, he seems to be a bit on edge.

Shigaraki then and now standing next to Gregory then and Miles now.

In one screenshot, Shigaraki alludes to Miles, saying "Tomorrow, I'll come with your son to that place."

The events of this chapter kick off as Gregory is called to the prison by Tenkai, who's apparently been accused of a crime. Gregory believes Tenkai to be innocent and begins an investigation with Shigaraki.

Regardless of the character change, the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 gameplay systems remain in place, including the logic chess system.


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