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Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition: Player Data, Wireless Play, and Nintendo World Trailer

Latest details and (super tiny) screens for Capcom's 3DS launch title.


The Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition official site was updated today with many of the details that were shared in this week's Famitsu (and summarized here). I've posted the few teeny-tiny screenshots from the official site here along with some of the details that were not in the Famitsu report.


Play against friends in your immediate vicinity. This mode can be accessed by selecting "Player vs Player" from the "Versus" mode menu. The mode is also compatible with download play, meaning you'll be able to play versus on two 3DS systems with just one copy of the game (Capcom once again does not list any limitations on this form of play).

To begin a local play match, you create a lobby. You can set round count, battle time limit and other areas. Other players can enter the lobby to join you for a fight. Prior to battle, each player can set a comment from a preset list of comments. This comment, along with rank and BP (battle points) are shown in the pre-fight versus splash screen.


Use this mode for online matches via quick match, friend match, or custom match. When setting up a custom match, you can set round count, time limit, areas, opponent strength and control type (this is presumably used when you don't want to play against players using the touch screen control system, which can possibly create an advantage).

Regarding matches with friends, Capcom's page is not clear about system-wide or game-specific friend codes. The page says that if you enter a friend code, the player against whom you fought in local or internet versus is added to your friend list. We're still going to have to wait for clarification (probably from Nintendo) about the 3DS's friend code system.

When you win battles in internet or local versus play, you earn battle points. This parameter is shared between the two modes.


The game can be set to interrupt your single player arcade mode matches for local or internet-based versus challenges. You can adjust settings for control type, 3D mode, time limit, and round count. Based off the screens Capcom has shared, it also looks like you can set the challenges to be exclusively local or exclusively internet based (this is just a guess based off a screenshot).


Select "Player Data" from the main menu and you'll be taken to a screen with such options as "Player Code," "Character Code," "Medal List," "Friend List" and "Nickname."

The "Medal List" option shows the medals that you've earned during your play. These are like achievements. You earn medals by clearing certain conditions.


The official site was also updated with the Nintendo World trailer. View it here by clicking on "Super Promotion Trailer for 3D Edition Vol.2," or stream it below. The trailer introduces many of the latest features, including 3D view, internet versus and download play.

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