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Yakuza Of the End Has Celebrity Zombies

Sega drafts some talents to play as the undead in the new Yakuza game.


Look closely, and you may recognize some of the undead you encounter in Yakuza of the End. Sega is putting celebrity zombies in the game.

Talents Esper Ito, David Ito and Terry Ito will be appearing in the game, Sega revealed today. Here's what the "Triple Ito" group looks like in undead form.

For this announcement, Sega made the usual fuss it makes about celebrity Yakuza appearances, holding a full press conference attended by the celebrities in question as well as series producer Toshihiro Nagoshi. According to Nagoshi, you'll meet the three Itos in an event that you usually won't encounter through normal play.

Visit Famitsu.com for pics from the press conference.

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