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Latest Yakuza Of the End Trailers

Take your pick of story or gameplay trailers.


The latest trailer footage of Yakuza Of the End hit today. Sega shared a story trailer, set to the game's Bradberry Orchestra theme song, and a gameplay trailer.

The story trailer shows many of the details we've been hearing about these past few months, including the construction of the wall that surrounds the zombie-infested part of Kamurocho.

There's one big revelation about the story midway through the trailer. Akiyama's secretary Hana reveals that the creatures are man-made.

One thing should be clear from the trailer: Of the End will have all the drama of its predecessors.

The gameplay trailer is divided into the usual parts: field, battle, adventure and play spots.

Among the new elements shown in the trailer is the game's weapon power-up system. You upgrade your weapons by collecting items from fallen foes. The trailer also shows the game's more extreme weapons, including a tank, and classic melee combat options.

The most recent reveals are also in the trailer, including Kamurocho Underground and Reiko, the zombie specialist who was announced just yesterday.

At the very end of the trailer, you'll see a couple of the latest tie-ups, including the appearance of a few celebrity zombies (announced earlier today), and the connectivity with the new mobile Yakuza game.

For textual details on pretty much everything you see in these trailers, see our Yakuza Of the End article archive.

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