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Sakaguchi Answers The Last Story Questions at Twitter

Save slots, Wiimote controls, and why is Last Story only on Wii?

We'll be playing The Last Story in less than two weeks!

The Last Story director Hironobu Sakaguchi has been responding to your The Last Story questions via his Twitter. Well, not necessarily your questions, but lots of people were asking questions, and the Gooch was responding to them from his home base in Honolulu.

Here's a list of what the mustache man had to say:

The Last Story is Dolby Pro Logic II compatible. From the options menu, you can select mono, stereo and DPLII.

During command mode, where the game freezes so you can issue commands for stuff like skills and magic, you can switch the button for executing the command between up or down. This down key support was added because a girls with small hands in the Mario Club debugging unit suggested it.

It was previously revealed that you can destroy map objects like bridges and pillars. These are automatically repaired. Sakaguchi suggested that you think of these objects as attack gimmicks rather than background elements.

The game shows "pointer" lines indicating who the enemies are targeting. You can change the settings for these lines: off, shown only when Elza has executed his Gathering move (which turns all enemy targets on him), shown always, show pointers for both enemies and allies.

Elza can use his wind magic to spread the effects of Magic Circles, circles of magic power that are left on the battle field at the spot where magic has been cast. Magic Circles can also be spread through jump slash and vertical slash (like when you jump from a wall) moves, meaning non magic-based characters can spread it too. The question was in reference to other characters being able to use spread during online play.

The game has 16 save slots. It also has a "chuudan save" feature. This is like when you want to stop play and come back later (what do they call it in English?). The chuudan save is auto saved. It will start you back at the previous load point.

On the topic of Controls, Sakaguchi confirmed that the game does not have any Wiimote shake controls. When you connect the Classic controller, the game automatically switches control options accordingly. The camera can be controlled with the right stick. As with most games, you can flip the camera controls around.

Someone asked Sakaguchi which he prefers: Wiimote controls or Classic Controller. Both are basically the same and it will come down to personal preference, he replied. He personally likes to play with his Lego Wiimote and Nunchuck (laughs).

Sakaguchi's Lego Wiimote.

During multiplayer sessions, you can set your name using up to 8 alphabetic characters.

The game does not use the Wiimote speaker.

Sakaguchi recently made some Twitter comments about The Last Story on an HD system being impossible. Is this because it's on Wii or because it does something that would be impossible on an HD system? The reason, said Sakaguchi, is actually because of Nintendo and debugging company Mario Club, who worked with Mistwalker for nine months on the game and were, in a sense, like the development staff.

The Last Story lets you strengthen your weapons and equipment by taking them to a special shop in town. Elza's bow gun (I believe this is a special weapon and is always equipped) can also be strengthened to increase its basic damage parameter in this manner. Also, you'll find a variety of bow types for the bow gun.

Elza's arrows for his bow gun are infinite. Other bow gun ammo is not infinite, and starts off at 0. This includes the banana.

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