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Kenka Bancho 5: Bentos, Puppies, Co-Op Play, and Love.

Latest on Spike's PSP punk sim, which hits retail next week.


Kenka Bancho 5 is fast approaching its January 27 release date. Spike's latest updates on the game have mostly been about collaborations, but we've also heard a few bits on multiplayer play, mini games, other side offerings.

The most recent collaboration is with bento chain Honke Kamadoya. Similar to the past Jeans Mate tie-up, this has an in-game and out-of-game component.

Outside of the game, you'll find a themed bento lunch at Honke Kamadoya. This 530 yen bento box is named "Nori Menchi Katsu Bento, and it's said to increase a man's vitality.

The bento will be sold from February 1 through March 31.

In the game, you'll find an in-game Honke Kamadoya shop. The shop will sell the same Nori Menchi Katsu Bento that's being sold at the actual Honke Kamadoya.

On the multiplayer play front, we've got some details on a co-op mode of play. Using local ad-hoc wireless, players team up to work a part time job as a security guard. You'll need to work together to take on thugs who appear in this mode, including characters from the story mode. Money that you earn from your part time job can be used in story mode.

The game has plenty of side offerings for solo players as well.

During story mode, you'll find a puppy in a box. You can give the puppy a name and take care of it. Screenshots show one of the game's heroines being charmed by your gentleness with your puppy, suggesting that this could lead to romance.

Finally, details on a game-within-a-game. Visit the game centers that you encounter across town, and you'll find "Kenka Bancho 3 Arcade," a game where you challenge the banchos from 47 regions throughout Japan. Defeat them, and you'll earn their skills for use in story mode.


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