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Q Entertainment Announces Ninety-Nine Nights Online

King of Fighters' Falcoon working as art director on new MMO action RPG.

Logo for N3 Online. This is all that has been shown for the game so far.

Ninety-Nine Nights is returning as a massively multiplayer online game. Q Entertainment announced today Ninety-Nine Nights Online, an Action MMORPG for the PC.

The original Ninety-Nine Nights was released by Microsoft for the Xbox 360 in April 2006 and was, initially, one of the system's most hyped Japanese offerings. Konami later followed up with a sequel.

For this new installment, Q Entertainment is working with Taiwan's UserJoy Technology, a firm it has previously worked with on AngelLoveOnline and Angel Senki (both for PS3 and PC). Falcoon (actual name Tatsuhiko Kanaoka), who's known for his work on SNK Playmore's King of Fighters series, is handling character designs, monster designs and the main illustrations for the new game.

Q says that N3 Online will carry over the fusion of strategy and action for which past N3 titles have been known. The game's action component will place a focus on offering a fast and refreshing feel. Online elements include multiple job types for your player character, party play, PvP play, and team work elements.

N3 Online will be free to play with an item-based transaction system. Q has yet to announce a service schedule for the game.

An official site will be opened shortly. Q says to expect further details once the site opens.

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