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Gal Gun Demo Set For Friday

Sadly, you won't get to sample the newly revealed Underwater and Delusion modes.


You've probably read advanced warnings from Tokyo Game Show attendees about how Dream Club level terrible Gal Gun is. Now you'll get the chance to find out for yourself. A demo is due to hit Xbox Live Marketplace on January 21.

It's not clear at present what will be included in the demo. But the two most recently revealed modes are probably out. Alchemist provided looks today at the game's Delusion and Underwater Modes.

Delusion Mode is an unlockable viewing mode that allows you to view the game's girls from all sorts of angles and in all sorts of costumes. You can also perform actions via simple button presses.

Underwater Mode is a new mode that will be offered through download content. Here, the game setting switches to underwater, and all the girls are wearing swimwear and goggles. They move slower in this mode, meaning players who aren't as good with their pheromone gun will have an easier time.

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