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Tales of Xillia: New Party Member Revealed

Judo and Mira get a powerful ally in the new Tales series game.

The Tales of Xillia cast grows by one thanks to Jump.

Judo and Mira are no longer by themselves in the world of Liese Maxia. Namco Bandai has revealed a new character for Tales of Xillia through this week's Weekly Shounen Jump.

The character's name is Alvin (in Japanese, アルヴィン), a skilled mercenary who wields one of those combo swords and guns everyone is talking about these days. Jump lists Alvin as the game's third party member. The character is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita.

Like main male lead Judo, Alvin is a design from Kosuke Fujishima. Xillia features character designs from both Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata.

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