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Before There Was Metal Gear, There Was "Intruder"

Hideo Kojima cleans his shelf and finds some precious design materials from 20 years back.


You may want to turn your internet to Hideo Kojima's Twitter today. The man behind Metal Gear is cleaning his shelves and stumbled upon some precious development documents from earlier in his career.

One of the things Kojima found on the shelf is the hand-written design document for 1987's Metal Gear. Here's an image of the "1F map":

Here's a hand written script of the game's wireless communiques. Everything is in Katakana (Japanese alphabetic characters) because ROMs at the time could not support kanji:

Being able to see old Metal Gear scripts and design docs is neat and all... but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Kojima also found a design document labeled "Metal Gear (Intruder)".

Metal Gear Intruder is a plan that Kojima wrote in 1986. He refers to it as the plan that preceded Metal Gear. It ended up being rejected, as indicated by the big red "Rejected" stamp on the page. I'm not sure if this means Kojima himself rejected it, or if it was rejected by his superiors.

Kojima's shelf has more than just valuable Metal Gear documents. Here's something else he found back there:

Unlike the Metal Gear documents, this magazine appears to be a genuine 21st century item (judging by Erika Toda being 15-years-old, it would have to be from 2003.)

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