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Shin Megami Tensei Devil Hunter Zero Hits GREE

New social game with Megaten concepts and original demon designs from Kazuma Kaneko.


That "Shin Megami Tensei Devil Hunter" game Index mentioned in an earnings report a few months back has finally made it out. Mobile gamers can access Shin Megami Tensei Devil Hunter on the popular GREE platform starting today. As usual for GREE, the game is free to play.

Devil Hunter Zero offers an original story using the Shin Megami Tensei series world view and basic game concepts. Players collect demons as they attempt to clear missions. As a social aspect, the game features a new "demon rental" system which allows players to rent demons from each other.

The game features original demon designs from Megaten series VIP Kazuma Kaneko.

In a press release today, Index said that it is progressing with its plans to make social games out of many of its popular game titles. This was also mentioned in the October earnings report.

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