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Next Week's PlayStation Event is "PlayStation Meeting"

Sony revives a classic name for next week's PSP unveil conference.

A slide from Sony's 2005 PlayStation Meeting showing Sony's plans for the PlayStation 3.

It's well known now that Sony will be having a big Tokyo press event on the 27th where it will unveil the PlayStation Portable 2. An analyst has clued us in to the event's name: "PlayStation Meeting."

Sony used to have PlayStation Meeting events periodically, but Thursday's installment will be the first event with the name in six years.

The last time Sony had a PlayStation Meeting was July 25, 2005. Then CEO Ken Kutaragi outlined Sony's PlayStation 3 plans through slides (see this story at IGN for a recap), Namco Bandai showed a live demonstration of what would become its terrible PS3 Gundam launch game, and we first heard the title "Lair" for Factor 5's new PS3 game. (There's a full index of happenings at IGN).

Analyst Yasuaki Fujima mentioned the PlayStation Meeting name in a Tweet earlier this week. He said that we can probably expect unexpected major announcements simply because the timing of the event comes ahead of Sony's third quarter earnings announcement, which is scheduled for February 3. He also added that it's possible to view the event as Sony's means of dealing with the 3DS by turning the attention onto itself.

The revival of the PlayStation Meeting name sounds like a perfect occasion to take the lid of PlayStation Portable's successor.

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