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PSP2 to Have 3G Support, OLED Screen

Details on new system leak out via Japanese newspaper.

An old fan rendering of what a new PSP could potentially look like. Most current reports indicate that the system will not have a sliding design.

Nikkei has some preliminary details on Sony's next generation PlayStation Portable system.

According to the paper, the new system will have 3G support. In Japan, the 3G service will be provided by NTT DoCoMo.

Using the 3G connection, gamers will be able to play online games and download software and movies. The service will not allow for phone calls.

The system will also have standard wireless LAN, of course. However, the 3G support will allow players to connect online wherever DoCoMo has wireless service. DoCoMo is Japan's largest mobile carrier.

Separate from the wireless functionality, the paper reports that the new PSP will make use of an OLED touch screen which will be larger than normal. Regarding the system's internals, the paper reports that Sony has developed a new processor for handling high resolution visuals.

Pricing on the next generation PSP is currently TBA, according to the paper. The paper does not mention possible subscription fees associated with the 3G service, or the possibility of a Wi-Fi only model.

The paper also makes brief mention of the device that many are calling "Playstation Phone," a smart phone that includes game features. This will have button-based controls, the paper reports, making games control easier. The device will use Google's Android operating system and will allow users to access non-game software like video and scheduling software.

Sony is expected to take the veil off the new PSP system at a press conference on the 27th. The PlayStation cell phone device is expected to be unveiled next month.

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