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Dead or Alive Dimensions Going on Location Test

Wait wha?

Dimensions is due for 3DS release on March 24.

It looks like location tests aren't just for arcade games anymore. Tecmo Koei will be holding what it calls a "location test" for 3DS's Dead or Alive Dimensions.

The test session will be held the afternoon of February 5 at Tecmo Koei's office in Tokyo's Ichigaya area. Players selected to attend will be able to play a special location test version of the game and listen in on a developer talk session. Tecmo Koei is also inviting three DOA Champions from North America to the event for exhibition matches with attendees.

The location test version has the game's arcade mode, a wireless versus mode that features newly added balance adjustments, the all new Chronicle Mode, and a tag challenge mode where two players cooperate to defeat a powerful foe.

Interested parties can put their name down for the event at the Dimensions official site.

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