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Your Catherine Retail Bonuses

What are Catherine and Katherine doing to those sheep?


A while back, we reported that Atlus was giving Catherine some retail-separate bonuses. For most games, these types of bonuses result in telephone cards and clear files that show the game's female cast in bathing suits and other slightly naughty situations (like so -- warning, don't click!).

Catherine's bonuses manage to be just bit more classy, and a lot more bizarre. Have a look courtesy of today's update at the official blog:

Geo -- Clear File

Sofmap -- Telephone Card

WonderGoo -- Telephone Card

Imagine -- Tosho Card

Media Land -- Telephone Card

Messe Sanoh -- Telephone Card

Rakuten -- Rakuten Point Card

Ebiten -- Telephone Card

Takarajima, GameArk and others -- Telephone Card

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