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PlayStation Meeting 2011 Live Blog

Sony is announcing stuff in Tokyo, and we're on hand for live coverage.


Sony Computer Entertainment has gathered the press in central Tokyo today for an event it has dubbed "PlayStation Meeting 2011."

The main topic of this event is widely known already, but I'll pose it in the form of a question anyway: "Will PlayStation Portable's successor be announced!?"

Because we're so excited about getting a followup to our Monster Hunter and AKB1/48 system, we've decided to do not one, but two live blogs for the event.

We've got Alex attending the event in person. He'll be posting live updates via his iPhone. These will appear on the event index page, which has an RSS feed that you can subscribe to.

I'll also be live blogging the event, only I'm not actually attending (how can I leave my home when a Catherine demo is about to drop)? To supplement Alex's iPhone coverage, I'll be second hand live blogging information that pops up on the various Japanese sites. My posts will stream in below.

Check back here and at the event index page close to the 15:00 start time for full coverage!

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16:45 -- I'm closing off this live blog. Check our PlayStation Meeting 2011 index for continued coverage and lots of pictures of the event from Alex.

16:44 -- PlayStation Meeting 2011 comes to an end!

16:44 -- Nope... no price announcement.

16:44 -- BTW, the third party list included Square Enix and Level-5, according to some of the live blogs I'm reading.

16:43 -- It sounds like Hirai is bringing things to a close.

16:43 -- Will there be a price announcement?

16:42 -- Kaz also shares a lengthy list of third parties who are supporting the system.

16:42 -- The 3rd party part appears to have come to an end.

16:41 -- Activision looks forward to sharing more details on NGP Call of Duty in the future.

16:41 -- When you consider all the features, like OLED, front and rear touch interface, dual analogue sticks and social network connectivity, the possibilities are unlimited, he feels.

16:40 -- Call of Duty for NGP will set the bar for the next generation of portable gaming, he says.

16:39 -- Call of Duty coming to NGP, he announces.

16:39 -- Next, Phillip Earl from Activision.

16:37 -- He also feels that the gameplay experience is helped by having both console-style controls and portable-style touch controls.

16:37 -- The portable version has no reduction in quality in textures, character modeling and level design.

16:36 -- It was originally made for PS3, but the team ported it to NGP in less than one week.

16:36 -- They show Dungeon Defenders, an Unreal 3 game.

16:36 -- Also, as developers, they appreciate Sony's console-style OS.

16:36 -- Sony's multicore GPU and CPU delivers four times the performance of past mobile platforms, Sweeny says.

16:34 -- He shows Unreal Engine 3 running on NGP.

16:34 -- Tim Sweeney from Epic Games takes the stage.

16:34 -- Kojima said that he's preparing a dream project he had of having a game that's played in the home and on the go -- the same game. He talked about this a while back when discussing Peace Walker. We'll get an announcement of the game around E3.

16:29 -- The demo used the same model and environment data as the PS3 version.

16:28 -- This isn't a title announcement, though, said Kojima.

16:28 -- It's a Metal Gear Solid 4 demo.

16:27 -- Next up, Hideo Kojima takes the stage!

16:25 -- The demo shows how the touch panel can be used to select enemies for targeting.

16:24 -- Someone behind the stage is playing the game in real time.

16:23 -- It's just a technical demonstration to show off the touch pad controls.

16:23 -- He's showing a real time demo of Sangoku Musou.

16:23 -- Next, Akihiro Suzuki from Tecmo Koei.

16:22 -- Nagoshi didn't announce any actual games -- just demonstrated the Of the End demo.

16:21 -- It was just a demonstration of the event scene... but that's pretty impressive!

16:21 -- It was ported in 10 days.

16:21 -- The port was made quickly, it seems.

16:21 -- They're showing an event scene where zombies come and attack Akiyama and Hana.

16:20 -- The video is a port of Yakuza Of the End.

16:19 -- He introduces a new video.

16:18 -- Is this the big job?

16:18 -- Next up, Toshihiro Nagoshi from Sega!

16:17 -- He leaves the stage.

16:17 -- Takeuchi said that he believes Capcom will be able to announce some actual NGP titles soon.

16:16 -- The Lost Planet demo took just two weeks to make.

16:16 -- It allows for such things as HDR rendering and other high tech stuff.

16:16 -- The system uses the full spec MT Framework, it seems.

16:15 -- They recreated Lost Planet 2's opening in realtime on NGP using MT Framework Mobile.

16:15 -- He shows a demonstration video of MT Framework Mobile running on the system.

16:15 -- Capcom is working on making MT Framework work on NGP

16:14 -- He's talking about MT Framework.

16:14 -- The MHP3rd part is done.

16:14 -- Actually, Takeuchi is still there.

16:14 -- That's it for Takeuchi!

16:13 -- The game sees a few improvements, it seems. First, because of the screen, the visuals have more impact. Also, the right analogue can be used for camera control.

16:12 -- They're playing the download version of MHP3rd on the system.

16:12 -- Hmm... something's up.

16:12 -- He's going to show Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on NGP.

16:11 -- He reveals that a download version is being readied.

16:11 -- There are many who complain that there is no download version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.

16:11 -- He mentions Monster Hunter Portable's sales.

16:10 -- He's going to talk technical stuff.

16:10 -- Jun Takeuchi from Capcom takes the stage.

16:10 -- Next, Kaz is moving on to 3rd party games.

16:09 -- (Kaz just confirmed it)

16:09 -- Backwards compatibility confirmed!

16:09 -- NGP can play downloadable PlayStation Portable games!

16:05 -- You can press an eye Button in Hot Shots Golf to switch to a first person view. The system's gyro controls can then be used for camera control ala 3DS.

16:03 -- They're going to Minna no Golf to show how augmented reality will work.

16:02 -- Next, Converging Real and Virtual.

16:02 -- He didn't give any precise examples, though.

16:01 -- There will also be connectivity between Near's functionality and games.

16:01 -- Near will also show play stats for your area.

16:00 -- Near will use GPS to record your movement and position -- they show this by showing someone walking around Tokyo.

15:58 -- They show a demonstration video of Near

15:57 -- The app is called "Near."

15:57 -- There's an app that will tell you what people in your area are playing.

15:57 -- Next up, they move on to "Location Based Entertainment" services.

15:54 -- It looks like you can jump right into PlayStation Store interface from the Live Area, and also jump from the game to the Live Area quickly.

15:53 -- Mr. Shimada shows off the Live Area functionality.

15:53 -- You'll be able to go there to get the latest information about games, see activity of other players, and communicate with other players.

15:52 -- All games will have a space called "Live Area."

15:52 -- Next up, Deep Entertainment Experience

15:51 -- Then, he shows how you can use both the front and back touch panels to interact with the little characters -- like pulling them and tossing them.

15:51 -- He shows how you can use the front screen to control the camera.

15:50 -- One thing Yoshida pointed out during his demonstration is the size of the touch panel.

15:50 -- They're going to demonstrate back touch controls via a game called Little ... something. I didn't get the full name.

15:48 -- Yoshida comes back to demonstrate the use of touch controls for gameplay.

15:47 -- He also points out the dual analogues, and all the various other control interfaces.

15:47 -- The system has a "super oval design," Hirai says.

15:47 -- They're showing some of what went into the design.

15:46 -- A Mr. Shimada takes the stage.

15:46 -- Next, he's going to talk about a "user experience."

15:46 -- Kaz takes the stage back from Yoshida.

15:45 -- Regarding the analogue stick, Yoshida said that it's a new analogue stick that they spent years developing (that's according to 4gamer's live blog).

15:44 -- ... I think I'll stick with buttons.

15:44 -- You can tap spots on the screen to make the character jump to specific spots, and you can draw paths for him to run.

15:43 -- Hmm... I think I'll stick with the buttons.

15:43 -- Now he demonstrates the use of the rear touch panel for controlling.

15:42 -- You can also use gyro controls for some of the movement... again, optional.

15:42 -- (that's optional)

15:42 -- You can also touch the character's back to make him jump over things.

15:42 -- For uncharted, the basic controls are with the sticks and buttons -- X for jumping.

15:41 -- Yoshida confirms the two analogues are actual analogues instead of nubs. He shows movement with one stick and camera control with the other.

15:39 -- The NGP Uncharted is an all new entry made specifically for NGP.

15:39 -- They're going to have a live demonstration.

15:39 -- At the end, they showed Uncharted.

15:39 -- There were a bunch of games in the middle of those, but I didn't catch them.. sorry!

15:38 -- They show a version of Wipeout controlled with gyro controls.

15:37 -- Minna no Golf (Hot Shots Golf)!

15:37 -- Yoshida shows a video of the Sony Worldwide Studios title lineup.

15:37 -- The system will have some social network features.

15:36 -- Yoshida is talking about the benefits of having two analogues and the front and back touch panels.

15:36 -- Mr. Yoshida from SCEJ takes the stage to show off some games.

15:35 -- It will be released gradually throughout the world by the end of the year.

15:35 -- It will have 3G in addition to Wi-Fi!

15:35 -- Two analogues, he confirms (in case you didn't see it!)

15:34 -- The system has rear and front cameras.

15:34 -- The screen has four times the resolution

15:34 -- Touch panels confirmed for front and back!

15:33 -- Kaz is posing with the system for photographs.

15:33 -- Is it actually called NGP?

15:33 -- People cheer as the system is shown on the screen.

15:32 -- Kaz says... THIS IS NGP!

15:32 -- The analogues look like actual analogues rather than nubs.

15:32 -- Dual analogues below the d-pad and face buttons.

15:32 -- And it looks sweeeeeet!

15:31 -- Brick confirmed!

15:31 -- WOW!

15:31 -- A video showing the new system!

15:31 -- HERE IT COMES!

15:31 -- NGP tries to change all areas of everyone's life.

15:31 -- Kaz retakes the stage.

15:30 -- Nope... nothing.

15:30 -- Or does it?

15:30 -- This video tells us nothing.

15:30 -- BTW, be sure and refresh our event index for pics live from the event from Alex!

15:29 -- People are summoning magic spheres!

15:29 -- Kaz leaves the stage for a new trailer.

15:28 -- Ultimate Portable Entertainment

15:28 -- And PlayStation Suite Compatible

15:28 -- (that's a more advanced augmented reality)

15:28 -- Converging real and virtual

15:28 -- Location Based Entertainment

15:28 -- Social Connectivity

15:28 -- Revolutionary user interface.

15:28 -- It has these concepts:

15:28 -- He refers to it as Next Generation Portable, NGP.

15:27 -- Next Generation Portable!

15:27 -- Next up, the ultimate portable experience!

15:26 -- They will offer this PlayStation Suite stuff before the end of the year.

15:25 -- A variety of devices will be able to access PlayStation Store to download the content.

15:23 -- They will also offer a hardware neutral game framework.

15:22 -- You'll be able to play old PlayStation games through emulation on these devices.

15:22 -- Also, Sony is starting up PlayStation Certified, a certification program for Android hardware.

15:22 -- PS content will be on Android phones and devices.

15:21 -- It will be Sony's first cross platform and cross device effort.

15:20 -- You'll be able to offer the world of PlayStation on non PlayStation devices.

15:20 -- This is a brand new venture.

15:20 -- He announces PlayStation Suite

15:18 -- He's saying that portable entertainment has changed considerably since the PSP was first released -- beyond what anyone could have expected.

15:17 -- What could he be building up to?

15:17 -- Kaz moves on to a discussion about the world outside of the living room.

15:16 -- Downloads on PSN has crossed 1.4 billion.

15:15 -- PS3 has 80% network connection rate for users.

15:14 -- And PlayStation Network too, as the big difference for the PS3 from PSX and PS2.

15:14 -- He's recapping the PS3 and its technology from CELL and Blu-Ray through the more recent 3D tech.

15:13 -- "Today, we will speak about the new world that PlayStation is attempting to realize," says Hirai.

15:09 -- He's gong to show a video from 2005 E3.

15:09 -- CEO Kaz Hirai gives a general introduction about what well be hearing today.

15:08 -- The MC takes the stage.

15:07 -- PlayStation Meeting 2011!

15:07 -- HERE WE GO!!!

15:07 -- I think it's starting.

15:06 -- They're going to be giving out press kits after the event (in case you were hoping for early leaked media).

15:05 -- The announcer just said they're about to start!!! But they've been saying this for a while now.

15:01 -- They're doing an audio test for the live English language translation.

15:00 -- It's 15:00!!! Why hasn't my event started!?

14:47 -- Sony has really packed the place, it seems. Famitsu says that the event hall can hold over 1,000 people.

14:46 -- This is what happens when you have the world's biggest Resident Evil fan attend an event for you:

14:26 -- He said he had a "big job" to do today: clicky click

14:26 -- The big question is... is Toshihiro Nagoshi here?

14:23 -- Here's what Hideo Kojima had for desert. I think he's in attendance at the event. That doesn't necessarily mean he'll be announcing anything, though, as VIPs often attend press conferences just for kicks.

14:21 -- Here are some early pics Alex posted to the event index page:

14:20 -- 4Gamer will be live blogging here.

14:19 -- For Japanese readers, Famitsu is live blogging here.

14:19 -- If you want some early details about the PSP2, read this report that leaked out of Nikkei earlier in the week.

14:15 -- As for the live blog you're reading now, it will be based off the reports I see on the various Japanese sites. Unlike Alex, who's on hand at the event, I'm posting from home [spoiler](while I wait for the Catherine demo)[/spoiler].

14:14 -- Unfortunately, you'll have to refresh that page to see new posts appear, but there's also an RSS feed.

14:13 -- His images will be posted directly to the event index page.

14:12 -- The event doesn't start until 15:00, but Alex is already sending over images.

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