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All NGP Systems to Feature 3G

IT Media gets some burning questions about Sony's new system answered.

NGP's interface, showing a 3G connection at the upper left.

Sony took the veil off its new portable system today a the PlayStation Meeting 2011 press event. But the veil didn't come all the way off, leaving us with plenty of questions about... well, it would be good to know the actual name, for one.

Other questions left unanswered regarding the device codenamed "NGP" included price point, software lineup and the possibility of 3G contract fees.

Games and technology site ITMedia asked Sony representatives about a few of these issues following the press conference, and delivered responses via Twitter.

The site was told that the system's price is currently not decided.

Regarding 3G, the site was told that there's currently no plan to release a model without 3G. All models will include 3G support.

So will buyers have to sign a 3G usage contract, or will there be a method of buying the system without a contract? These areas are also not decided.

Nikkei's report on the NGP earlier this week week said that the 3G support would be provided in Japan by NTT DoCoMo. Sony did not mention DoCoMo at today's press conference.

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