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Top Creators Loving NGP

Hideo Kojima chills with Jun Takeuchi and Kaz Hirai back stage at PlayStation Meeting.


At the PlayStation Meeting today, top creators like Jun Takeuchi and Hideo Kojima showed off product and demos for Sony's next generation portable device, codenamed NGP.

When they left the stage following their segments, what did they do?

They played more NGP, of course!

Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima shared this pic of Capcom head of development Jun Takeuchi (right) and Metal Gear series art director Yoji Shinkawa (far left) apparently playing around with an NGP unit. Wrote Kojima, "In the ready room, all the creators were overjoyed at the almost too good holding feel and control feel of NGP."

I wonder if Kojima knows the real name?

Kojima also got to chill back stage with Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai.

The only reason I checked Kojima's Twitter was because I was hunting for clues about the NGP project he announced at the event. I found none.

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