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Catherine Director Katsura Hashino Discusses "How to Catherine"

Demo made a bit more difficult than final version.

Catherine's director has some tips for those who think they've seen this death scene too much.

Did you download the Catherine demo? Did you make it up the stairs before being stabbed by a fork? Did you attempt to count how long Vincent's shout lasts in the preview video that closes off the demo?

Don't be too disappointed if you were having trouble with a demo that had only its "easy" setting available for play. According to director Katsura Hashino, the difficult was set a bit on the higher side from what you'll encounter in the final version.

Hashino offered some insight into the demo in the the latest post at the Catherine blog, a post titled "How To Catherine."

The demo offers a sampling of the game's opening, with two nightmare stages. As you might have guessed given the sudden fade-outs here and there, it's just a digest version.

It seems that one thing Hashino and the staff were hoping to achieve with the demo was to surprise people who were under the impression that the game was just an erotic adult gal game by showing the amount of hardcore gameplay that is contained in the game's nightmare scenes.

Catherine will offer three difficulty settings: Easy, Normal and Hard. The demo is limited to just Easy mode. However, this isn't the exact easy mode of the final version. It's been made a bit harder.

Regardless, Hashino believes that once you figure out the method for climbing up the stairs (arranging steps and so-forth), the gameplay actually becomes pretty simple. If you're able to clear the demo, he said, you should be able to get to the end of the story in the final version.

For those who are trying the demo out for the first time, Hashino has two suggestions:

1. Make use of the undo feature. You can press select to back track one step at a time. You can use this if you make a mistake -- pushing a block over the edge, for instance, or trapping yourself between blocks. The undo feature will be in the final version of the game too, but exclusively in easy mode.

2. Don't destroy things, just climb. You can collapse and destroy sections of the block tower by pushing and pulling blocks. However, Hashino suggests that you instead concentrate on pulling blocks out to create stairways.

The Catherine demo is available for download now on PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace (Gold Members only). The final version of the game will see release on 2/17.

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