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Catherine VS Catherine

Let's compare Xbox 360 and PS3.


Catherine is a multiplatform release for PS3 and Xbox 360. This leads to three scenarios.

1. You have only one console, so you buy the version for that console.

2. You have both consoles, but you prefer having one of girlfriend Katherine or temptress slut Catherine on your box and thus buy your copy accordingly:

3. You have both consoles, and so you buy based off which version is best.

So which version is best? Thanks to the recently released demo, we can make this determination.

A Japanese blog that's known for comparing multiplatform titles put the Catherine demo to the test at the request of its readers. Here are a few of the results. See the original post for even more shots!


According to the blog writer, the two games have the same resolution, but the anti aliasing differs. The Xbox 360 version appears to use 2xMSAA while the PS3 version appears to use Quincunx AA.


It should be clear from the images, but the blog writer says that the PS3 version wins out. The difference is particularly noticeable when you have scenes with quick changes or fast movements (1st and 2nd comparisons here). When there's little movement (3rd comparison), there's little difference.


You can see cut scenes from the two versions compared here. This has both in-game and movie scenes. One area of note is that the two versions appear to use different fonts.

I'm not totally sure which is which, but I think the PS3 version may be to the right.


Visit the original blog post for some videos comparing framerates during the action parts. Both games seem to hold a pretty steady 30 frames per second.

Aside from the drop in quality for the Xbox 360 version's movies, it looks like the two Catherines may be on equal ground.

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