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Sony Planning NGP Re-releases for PSP Games

Joining PSN releases, past titles could see release on NGP cards.

Sony's new portable device. There seem to be multiple card slots, but there's no UMD drive.

Sony's upcoming next generation portable system, codenamed NGP, does not have a UMD drive. So what happens to the PSP's backlog, which is still largely UMD-only? Gigazine quizzed Sony Computer Entertainment on the issue.

Sony first reiterated that it's currently working with third parties to release past UMD titles on the PlayStation Store. This, it should be noted, is actually something that's been going on since the PSP go's release. If you view our release calendar, particularly the recent releases category, you'll see downloadable versions of old PSP games pop up every now and then, usually without prior announcement.

Joining the downloadable re-releases, Sony told Gigazine that it has plans to release PSP games on NGP's new card-based format. This is something that was not mentioned at last week's press conference. Sony's statement did not elaborate.

Even with all the rerelease plans, Sony noted that due to rights issues, it's possible that some games will end up not being playable on NGP at all.

If you have a library of UMD games already, will you need to rebuy your collection either on NGP cards or via PSN? In response to this, Sony says that it's currently investigating the various possibilities and has nothing to announce at present. There are currently no plans to offer a "UMD Reader" device.

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