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Hey Mr. Tetsuya Nomura, Whatchu Up To?

Square Enix's zipper chief is doing more than just Kingdom Hearts and Versus XIII.


Tetsuya Nomura is director of both Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance and Final Fantasy Versus XIII, both of which have pretty funny names if you think about it.

Here's what Nomura had to say to Famitsu about both games recently:

Nomura is lending his hand to more than just these games, of course. Famitsu also recently asked him about some of his other works.

Yuna in Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy, apparently with a Dissidiafied face.

For Final Fantasy XIII-2, Nomura is heading up work on the new main characters and also on the faces of the returning main characters who will be seeing changes. Clothing is being designed by other designers. The clothing of the male character who appears in the teaser trailer was designed by Type-0 art director Yusuke Naora.

Nomura is not heading up work on the XIII-2 Lightning. He did a rough silhouette of the character to show what she should look like and art director Isamu Kamikokuryou made the final drawing.

Regarding Final Fantasy Type-0, Nomura said that this game was the biggest push at the recent 1st Production Department Premier event. "As you can see by watching the video, the graphics are beyond the level of the PSP."

Owing to its large cast of characters, the game uses around 50 voice actors, said Nomura. Many of these voice actors are Square Enix newcomers, but many will be familiar (the voices of Japanese Cloud and Zack are in the game, for instance).

Nomura gave a few guidelines to the Type-0 development staff, which is based off the same group that did Crisis Core Final fantasy VII. He said that he wanted the game to have battles with greater action than even Crisis Core.

He also suggested that the staff not make enemy positioning and battle maps "well behaved" like one might find in a command-based battle system. What this means is that he wanted the designers to not create flat and monotonous maps, and instead consider layouts that would make battles interesting. Also, he wanted characters to not be positioned in a single place. For instance, a gun-wielding character should, like in a first person shooter, attack from distance.

Outside of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series, Nomura also did some work on Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy X's Yuna, a Nomura character, appears in the game, giving Nomura the chance to work with her for the first time since Kingdom Hearts II. For Duodecim, he made arrangements to the face to make it match up with the series. He drew the clothing and other areas exactly as they were in FFX, so these didn't cause him too much hassle.

Nomura also commented on a couple of the other charactes who appeared in the latest trailer. Final Fantasy XI's Prishe was confirmed for the game in that trailer. This character's use came about after it looked like another FFXI character would make it into the game. After creating candidates by asking the staff what FFXI character they liked, Prishe ended up being selected.

There was another character whose voice was in the trailer (and who most agreed was Gilgamesh). Nomura said he'll talk about this after the character's officially announcement.

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