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Catherine's Rapunzel Minigame and Jukebox

Jukebox to offers songs from Persona, Shin Megamitensei and Digital Devil Saga.


Your Catherine official site (mine too!) was updated today with a closer look at two of the game's side offerings: Rapunzel and Jukebox. You'll be able to access these in the Stray Sheep bar, which serves as the setting for the game's adventure component.

Rapunzel is an arcade game which looks like a simple version of Catherine's action stages. You'll have to climb up a tower in aim of a princess, pushing and pulling blocks into place to form steps, and avoiding bats. The mini game offers 50 stages of play.

Jukebox is... a jukebox! By accessing this, you can change the music that plays in the bar. The jukebox will have music from Catherine and even other games. Screens show music for Persona 4, Persona 3, Persona Portable, Shin Megamitensei Nocturne, and Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner.

You'll find a videos of both of these components at the official site (under the Game System -> Stray Sheep area). I've also pasted YouTube versions here:



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