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A Few New Things for Tales of the Abyss 3DS

Namco Bandai is bringing a PS2 Tales series title to Nintendo's new hardware.


PlayStation 2 mothership Tales series title Tales of the Abyss is coming to 3DS. So what's new? That's not entirely clear at present, but Weekly Shounen Jump does have a few details this week.

The magazine says that the logo color has been renewed. Ooooh. It also shows a brand new main visual that shows the characters lined up in a V with main character Luke fon Fabre in front.

An image in the magazine shows gameplay taking place on the top screen while a world map is displayed on the bottom screen. This is just for the player running about on the main field, though, so there's still the possibility that battles will make use of the touch screen.

And that's all we know at the moment! The magazine lists a Spring 2011 time frame for the game, presumably meaning a release not too far of from the 3DS launch.

Screens of the 3DS version shared at September's Nintendo Conference event.

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