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Have a Look at the Ace Attorney California Roll

Capcom celebrates the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 release with collaborative food stuffs at Pasela.


I'm not sure when exactly, but California Rolls reverse infiltrated Japan at some point. And thus, we have our latest in collaborative food items, the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 California Roll:

This item, available at Pasela karaoke bars from February 7 through March 31 as part of an Ace Attorney Investigations 2 collaboration, is officially called the "Shigaraki Souvenir California Roll." It's apparently meant to look like a souvenir bought by in-game lawyer Tateyuki Shigaraki on his return from an overseas trip.

Maybe you need to have played the game first...

Other food items include:

Shi-Long Lang's Hoikorow:

Miles Edgeworth Honey Toast:

(Yes, that's an actual desert at Pasela, and you'd be amazed at how good a loaf of bread can taste when covered in ice cream! Never had one topped with a video game character, though...)

Ice cream man's Ice Parfait (based off the Taro Tanaka character):

Miles Edgeworth and Kay Faraday cocktails:

This last one isn't a food item. If you order any of the above, you'll receive this lunch mat:

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