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Persona 2's Bonus Soundtrack Detailed

Find out what's on the mini soundtrack that's included with the PSP remake.


Persona 2 Innocent Sin's PSP remake, set for release on April 14, comes with a bonus mini soundtrack. Atlus provided a look at the item today, complete with a track list.

The Persona 2 Innocent Sin Mini Soundtrack includes 10 songs. The track list includes music from the original, remixed tracks, and arrangements from composer Shoji Meguo. Of particular note is "Persona Ondo," sung by Takehito Koyasu.

Here's the full track list:

  • Unbreakable Tie (Opening theme [short Ver.]) [Remix Side]
  • Hikoujou [Remix Side]
  • Gatten Sushi [Remix Side]
  • CD Shop Giga Macho [Original Side]
  • Ginko no Theme (Kanashii) [Original Side]
  • Velvet Room (#2) [Original Side]
  • Teki no Maketa Toki (unused song) [Another Side]
  • Persona Ondo [Another Side]
  • Battle [Arrange Side]
  • Seisou Kishidan [Arrange Side]

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