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Rune Factory Oceans Swimsuit Component Up Close

Swimsuit contests and swimsuit-themed bonus items on the way for next week's multiplatform RPG.


The next Rune Factory game isn't Rune Factory North Pole, it's Rune Factory Oceans! Ocean means... swimsuits!

As previously detailed (as you know, Andriasang.com leads the internet when it comes to coverage of swimsuits in Japanese video game spinoff series) Oceans has a swimsuit competition event. You'll be able to cast your vote during the competition, so you may want to research in advance with these images Marvelous shared today:

The swimsuit theme carries over to the game's retail separate bonus items. Well, most of them anyway. Here's a look at what you'll get depending on where you buy:

These are mostly telephone cards. The CD is an original drama CD (available at Tsutaya and WonderGoo). The thing with the signature is a clear file signed (hopefully not personally, because that would be a lot of work) by illustrator Minako Iwasaki (available at Geo). The thing next to it is a face towel (available at Enterking).

If you must know where to go to get what, visit the official site.

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