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Sony Unveils "Xperia Play" PlayStation Phone Device

Device mastermind Rikko Sakaguchi addresses the press about long rumored device.


Sony Ericson took the veil off Xperia Play at a Barcelona press event earlier today. The true form of the long rumored "PlayStation Phone," Xperia Play will be available in some territories this March..

You can see specifications in Sony's press release. Sony also shared a promotional video for the device, which you can view here:

Following the Barcelona announcement, Sony Ericsson Executive Vice President and Chief Creation Officer Rikko Sakaguchi, considered the "father" of the Xperia Play, sat down with the Japanese media for a roundtable Q&A. Here's a bit of what he said based off a Famitsu.com transcript.

While America will be the first territory to get Xperia Play, the device is due for release throughout the world. Sakaguchi would not say how long Japanese players will have to wait for the device.

Verizon was announced as a carrier for America. Sony has finalized deals with many carriers, Sakaguchi said. It just happens that Verizon was the first one to have specifics regarding date finalized.

On the technical side of things, Xperia Play will have both CDMA and WCDMA versions. It will have 8 gigabytes of built in memory, although you can expand this through SD card. In one future tech bit, Sakaguchi said that they're working on having Xperia Play output footage to televisions via HDMI, which would allow you to play games on the larger screen.

PlayStation Store will run on Xperia Play. Sakaguchi said to think of PlayStation Store as being like an app that comes pre-installed, but he couldn't say much beyond this as it's not an area that he decides for himself.

Asked how the PlayStation Store and Android Market will be positioned, Sakaguchi said to think of this area as users having access to multiple routes for buying games. You can buy from Android Market, from the carrier's own market, or from PlayStation Store.

Xperia Play has a long history behind it. Work on making such a device began with Sakaguchi having discussions with PlayStation father Ken Kutaragi. While the idea of a PlayStation phone is simple enough, many people tried but failed due to the high hurdles that arise from having to deal with different industries, specifications and carriers.

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