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Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy: First Gilgamesh Details

Final Fantasy V character's weapon will change with each attack.


Info is slowly coming in on the Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy's appearance for Final Fantasy V's Gilgamesh. Jump has a brief look at the character in its coming issue.

The big feature for Gilgamesh is that his weapon will change each time you attack. This presumably means that you won't know what weapon you'll get. But you're not alone, as Gilgamesh apparently doesn't know himself!

The magazine also shows Gilgamesh's Excalibur EX Burst and an event scene with fellow FFVer Bartz.

A first screen of Gilgamesh appeared this week on a recent retailer poster. We should get a full look at the character next week.

Separate from the Gilgamesh profile, Jump also confirms something that some have already figured out: the downloadable Squall outfit V Jump will give away in its next issue is a Kingdom Hearts Leon costume. V Jump hits news stands on the 21st.

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