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Catherine Collaborates With Collaborative Restaurant

Aoyama restaurant selling drinks and food themed around characters from tomorrow's big release.


Japan is king of themed restaurants. There's the ninja restaurant, which looks like a ninja cave. There's the prison restaurant, which looks like a prison (complete with shakedowns!).

There's even a restaurant themed around collaborations with various brands. Its name: Collabo Dining.

Atlus and Collabo Dining are collaborating to promote Catherine. From February 17 through March 31, the Collabo Dining in Tokyo's Aoyama area will sell an original menu consisting of cocktails themed around the Catherine characters and a "Stray Sheep" brand pizza (named after the bar that appears in the game). Those who buy these items will receive a coaster themed around the game.

The restaurant invited the press for an early sampling today. Visit Famisu.com for a look.

The drinks for the various characters consist of the following:

White Rum, Cola, Cut Lime. Made in the motif of the Rum and Coke Vincent drinks in the game.
Framboise, Peach, Grenadin. The framboise is apparently meant to represent deep regret and affection.
Black Sumbuca, Milk, Cream. The black sumbuca was used because the game's developers asked for a dark colored cocktail.
Beer, Soda, Melon, Yogurt, Cucumber. The development team requested the cucumber apparently because it has something to do with the game...
Midnight Venus
Champaign, Amaretto, Cherry. The cherry is meant to be in the image of the character's red afro.
Stray Sheep
Yogurt and Milk. Designed in the image of a sheep. This is a desert cocktail.
Mango, Orange, Cherry. Both Erica and Tobias' drinks have two cherries.
Nihonshu, Lemon, Tonic
Grape Fruits, Tonic, Cherry
Gin, Vermut, Black Olive

The Stray Sheep pizza is a 16 inch margherita with salami topping. The drinks run ¥850 each. The pizza is ¥2,500.

Atlus also says that it's possible a collaboration ckae will be added to the menu between the end of February and early March.

Photo courtesy the Catherine official blog.

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