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5pb. Announces New Adventure Games

Ever17 and Steins;Gate get new life on PSP and Xbox 360.

From Steins;Gate PSP.

5pb. has a new lineup of adventure games on the way for PSP and Xbox 360. Weekly Famitsu and online counterpart Famitsu.com have first details on three titles this week, along with a brief update on the recently announced Robotics;notes.


First up is Ever17, an Xbox 360 version of a classic 2003 adventure game from Kid and the second title in the Infinity series. Ever17 follows the adventures of Takeshi Kuranari who finds himself trapped in an underwater theme park that will collapse due to water pressure in 170 hours and 17 minutes. Players have to lead Kuranari and his fellow victims to the surface.

The Xbox 360 version is being updated in a number of ways. Conversation scenes now use 3D character models. The game also adds new event visuals, redesigned clothing for the Tsugumi character, new endings, and features a redesigned setting with new facilities.

Ever17's Xbox 360 version will see release this Summer at ¥7,140. You can see screens at Famitsu.com.


The other two games are both in the Steins;Gate series PSP will be getting a version of the original Steins; Gate. Xbox 360 will get a new spinoff called Steins;Gate Hiyokurenri no Darling.

From Steins;Gate PSP.

The PSP version of the original adds new event visuals, new character art, new opening and ending theme songs, and a new opening movie. The opening was written by 5pb. CEO Chiyomaru Shikura and will be sung by Kanako Ito. The download content from the Xbox 360 version is included from the start. The cosplay patch from the PC version is not included, though.

The new Xbox 360 title is described by Famitsu as a fan disk. It features an all new scenario with the the Steins;Gate characters, but different from the serious nature of the source material the story here will be "sweet" and will have love elements. Gameplay systems, including the "Phone Trigger System," where you control the story path through your phone, will be retained in the new title.

The PSP version of Steins;Gate will be released in June, priced ¥6,090 for its standard version and ¥8,190 for its limited version. The new Xbox 360 title is set for June 16. Famitsu.com has screens of the PSP title and the Xbox 360 title.


Famitsu managed to get some commentary on the two Steins;Gate games from producer Naotaka Hayashi and scenario writer Matsubara Tatsuya (listed as "scenario supervisor" for the new Xbox 360 title). In the interview, they also shared a brief update on Robotics;notes, the next entry in 5pb.'s science adventure series (following Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate).

The story component for Robotics;Notes has been mostly finalized, said Matsubara. They're currently at the point where they'll begin writing the text.

The two shared artwork for the game's main character and one of the heroines (this was not posted to Famitsu.com, so you'll need the magazine to see it). The artwork will be converted to 3D models for the game, said Matsubara. He noted that there are many games out there like Catherine and Idolmaster 2 that have beautiful 3D models. They're aiming for this level.

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