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Cave Press Conference Live Blog

Tune in as shoot-em-up developer Cave announces its latest lineup in Akihabara.


Cave has gathered the press in Akihabara for an event it felt bold enough to dub "Important News From Cave 2011." What qualifies as "important news?" We'll find out when the press conference part of the event kicks off at 12:30!

There's been some indication that we'll get at least three shooting game announcements. However, Cave's announcement announcing the announcements said to expect announcements regarding online and social games as well (Cave also does business in these areas with titles like Shin Megamintensei Imagine and Social Game Fist of the North Star).

The event will be live broadcast at Ustream. We'll also be live blogging on this page straight from Akihabara.

Check back around 12:30 or so for the start of the live blog! For all your "Important News From Cave 2011" coverage, see our event index. We've been updating a pic filled mobile blog throughout the course of the event.

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13:22 -- The press conference comes to an end, so I'm closing off the live blog! Check back soon for more coverage.

13:22 -- I didn't hear him mention a platform.

13:22 -- Instant Brain is due for release in 2011.

13:20 -- Based off the trailer, it looks like an adventure game.

13:20 -- The game is centered around a camera which you use to progress through the story. The game is set in the near future.

13:19 -- It's called "Instant Brain"

13:18 -- Next, one more game!

13:17 -- The first run bonus version will be a serial code for downloading add-on voices, which are newly recorded.

13:17 -- We'll be able to sample the game today and some of the new systems.

13:17 -- There will be new game systems and new stages.

13:16 -- All visuals in the game are being made into high res.

13:15 -- Game will have both standard and limited editions

13:15 -- Platform is Xbox 360.

13:15 -- Coming 5/26 as package release.

13:15 -- New stages.

13:14 -- It will have 16x9 visual support, new game systems...

13:14 -- The arcade shooter Akai Katana is coming home!

13:14 -- Akai Katana Shin!

13:13 -- Next, the second title.

13:13 -- The agme will be compatible with online rankings -- aim to be the number one ninja master in the world!

13:13 -- The score attack mode will have some specific stages.

13:13 -- There will also be a score attack mode.

13:12 -- There will be 50 stages in the adventure mode.

13:12 -- You have three basic moves -- jump, dash and use your ninja power.

13:12 -- It's a vertical and side scrolling action game with simple controls.

13:12 -- Actually, it's pronounced Nin Nin Jump.

13:11 -- Nin2-Jump, coming to Xbox Live Arcade in 2011.

13:11 -- It's a ninja action game!

13:11 -- He shares a trailer for the first game.

13:10 -- He will detail three titles, all new.

13:09 -- Asada takes the stage!

13:08 -- I can't believe I can actually recognize Asada by the top of his head.

13:07 -- I think the shooter part is coming up WOOT!

13:07 -- I see Makoto Asada's head behind the barrier next to the stage.

13:00 -- The game will complete this year and will be reborn as a new Shin Megamitensei Imagine.

13:00 -- Shin Megamitensei Imagine director takes the stage to announce the latest details on the game.

12:59 -- Next, online business.

12:59 -- We can expect this in the summer. He didn't announce any actual games, though.

12:58 -- They are working on positional based games for worldwide release on smartphones using the knowhow they gained from Shirotsuku.

12:57 -- Cave also wants to join up in position based gaming market, he says.

12:56 -- There wil be another big title in March, but they haven't announced it yet.

12:56 -- Next next, Shirotsuku for Smartphones. It will make use of HTML5 or some jive like that.

12:55 -- Next up, Fist of the North Star, for GREE coming in March 2011.

12:55 -- Fist up, Victory Road. This was released last month for GREE. It will see some new developments soon.

12:54 -- He's introducing the latest social game lineup from Cave.

12:52 -- (that's what they introduced him as)

12:52 -- It's the ninja producer!

12:52 -- Next up, the social gaming part.

12:52 -- It's being made for iPhone ad Android to begin release this Spring.

12:49 -- The app will have voicing from popular voice actors.

12:48 -- Maybe audio book is the wrong word -- the app will run on smart phones and will have interactive elements and animation, etc.

12:46 -- They announce an audio book, Houkago no Kamishibaibu.

12:45 -- Next, announcements from a couple of people in Cave's marketing dept. Didn't get their names.

12:43 -- Players will get to sample the game's arcade mode today.

12:42 -- Yep, it's Death Smiles for iPhone, coming Spring 2011.

12:42 -- Death Smiles on iPhone?

12:42 -- Next announcement...

12:40 -- 3. Lite version will get a grade up.

12:40 -- 2. Two heavily requested options

12:39 -- 1. Bluetooth, 3G/Wi-fi -- two ways of wireless play.

12:39 -- This has three points

12:39 -- First up, a version up for Bug Panic.

12:38 -- He's got two announcements.

12:37 -- Mr. Masaki from the mobile/iPhone division takes the stage.

12:37 -- Watanabe leaves the stage. They're moving into the individual divisions.

12:37 -- According to Watanabe, Cave has received a Guiness Record for having the most bullet hell shooters between 1995 to 2010 (I think he's joking).

12:35 -- Shirotsuku, a social game from Cave, has seen lots of success too -- 25,000 new members for the GREE version in June.

12:34 -- Cave's stock has risen 326 or so percent.

12:34 -- Cave's social games business has seen 1,259% growth

12:33 -- Total uses of Cave's social games are 3.85 million. The same number of people who live in Shiuoka prefecture!

12:33 -- Watanabe is recapping Cave's business outside of shooting games.

12:31 -- Cave CEO takes the stage.

12:31 -- They will announce new titles in all three business areas.

12:31 -- The MC notes that Cave has expanded beyond just arcade games into social games, online games. etc.

12:30 -- (There's no reason to get excited about that.)

12:30 -- The MC's name is Yuriwa. Yuriwa!!!

12:30 -- HERE WE GO!!!

12:29 -- Just a note: my live blogging thing isn't integrated too well, so pics will appear in a separate space. To see live image updates, visit the event index page (unlike the live blog text below, you'll need to refresh that page to get updates.)

12:27 -- Oops... false alarm. The MC lady is just telling people to take their seats.

12:27 -- HERE WE GO!!!

12:26 -- The event is about to begin. The MC has emerged from her quarters.

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