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Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy: Gilgamesh and More Another Forms

One of the final character reveals for the sequel.


The Dissidia Duodecim Final Fantasy official site got a big update today with lots of screens and details on Gilgamesh, along with updates to some other characters.

Regarding Gilgamesh, the latest (and probably second-to-last) character unveil for the game, the site provided screenshots and art, and a few details.

Gilgamesh's battle concept is "Scramble Fighter." He'll switch off between weapons as he fights. He doesn't doesn't know himself what weapon will come out in a given situation, and could end up using a weak weapon.

Gilgamesh's "another form" costume is based off his Guardian Force summon form from Final Fantasy VIII. His "third form" is based off his Final Fantasy V sprite visual.

Weekly Famitsu has a few additional details on the character this week, with commentary from Tetsuya Nomura and battle director Takeo Kujiraoka.

Gilgamesh appears in a number of FF games outside of FFV, including FFVIII, FFIX and FXII. The version in Dissidia is primarily based off the V version, said Kujiraoka. However, they're trying to add in elements of all the various Gilgamesh versions as well.

Nomura revealed that at the time of FFV's creation, Gilgamesh's sprite art was created first before Yoshitaka Amano created the character's image art. This is the reason the design for the character's sprite art and illustration differ so much. As mentioned above, they made the character's sprite design appear in Duodecim as his third form costume.

Gilgamesh is voiced by Kazuya Nakai. The character's casting and performance were done as Final Fantasy V Gilgamesh, explained Nomura. He said to look forward to a unique performance that even tops Kefka.

Kujiraoka explained some of the gameplay concepts for the character. Similar to Butz, Gilgamesh brings out a weapon with each attack, then puts it back after the attack. However, the weapon Gilgamesh uses is random. He selects one of eight vastly different weapons with each attack.

With this random system in place, it may seem like the character would be tough to use, but Kujiraoka assured that this isn't the case. He also assured that they're making adjustments to the character so he won't just be a joke character.

Asked for some weapon examples, Kujiraoka mentioned Excalibur and the impostor weapon Excalipoor. Excaluibur will make Gilgamesh's attacks double strength. Excalipoor, as one might expect, deals just 1 damage.

The weapon you get is 100% based off luck -- your own luck. The in-game "LUK" parameter has no effect, said Kujiraoka.

In EX Mode, which you trigger after filling up your EX Gauge, Gilgamesh ends up with eight arms. Each arm has a weapon. Those weapons are chosen at random, and they stay in place until you exit EX Mode.

There are actually three patterns to Gilgamesh's EX Mode, explained Kujiraoka. One has all arms holding the same weapon. One has two weapons, each placed in four hands. The final pattern has each arm equipped with a random weapon.

You can see Gilgamesh's EX Burst move, "Saikyou no Ken" (Strongest Sword) at the official site under the character section. It is possible that Gilgamesh will end up using Excalipoor in EX Burst, Kujiraoka told Famitsu.

Also at the site, the latest screens and details for Aerith, Yuna, Prish and Butz Klauser and Ex Death. Have a look below:

EX Death

Ex Death's third form is based off the Final Fantasy V last boss Neo Ex Death model.

Butz Klauser

Butz' third form is based off his Final Fantasy V sprite visual.


Yuna's third form is her wedding dress from Final Fantasy X.


Prish's third form is based off a swimsuit that was obtainable in FFXI as part of a limited event.


The Final Fantasy VII heroine appears as just an Assist character for those who have a save file from the paid "Prologus" demo. But Square Enix is giving her Another Form and Third Forms anyway.

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