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Kai Razor Makes Yakuza's Kazuma Kiryu The Best He Can Get

Sega's latest razor tie-up makes its way in the game this time.


When Yakuza series hero Kazuma Kiryu isn't fighting some strange combination of street thug, gangster and zombie, he's serving as spokesperson for male shaving brand Kai Razor.

But he's not just a spokesperson. In Yakuza Of the End, the new Yakuza game that's due for release on the 17th, Kazuma will actually use the product.

That's an actual scene from somewhere in Of the End. Guess Kazuma likes a clean shave even when he's facing off against hoards of brain hungry zombies who've invaded Kamurocho. Who can blame him? Wouldn't you want to look good if Chiaki Kuriyama was playing your game?

I believe this is the first time Kai Razor has actually appeared in a Yakuza game. But it's not the first time Sega and Kai have held a cross promotion for the razor. As with past promotions, Kazuma will be appearing on the box of some Kai Razor product. Of particular note is the Kai 5 Holder Yakuza Set, which includes a razor, a Yakuza strap, and a blade case.

All these Yakuza branded razor products can be found at your local drug store.

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