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Persona 2 Innocent Sin Wallpapers at the Official Site

Plus, another look at the new Classroom of Charisma component.


Celebrate the upcoming release of Persona 2 Innocent Sin with some wallpapers. The "special" section at the game's official site was updated today with the first in a series of wallpapers. A new one will be added every week until the April 14 release.

Joining the wallpapers, the site was updated with a closer look at "Classroom of Charisma." You'll find this under the "New Mode" section next to the game's new Theater Mode.

You might recall that we previously listed Classroom of Charisma as one of the quests in Theater Mode. We were just passing along the information as we saw it in Weekly Famitsu (Famitsu.com has the same story).

If Classroom of Charisma has its own section in the New Modes area, there's presumably more to it than just a mere quest.

As previously detailed, Classroom of Charisma is centered on Naozumi Kariyazaki, a teacher at another school who's helped his students improve their test scores through unique teaching methods. You've traveled to the school to investigate. This component (or quest, if that's really what it is) was headed up by Devil Summoner series director Kazuyuki Yamai.

Atlus provided a closer look at a character we mentioned in our last writeup: Musubu Torikiri. This female teacher acts as your guide to the school.

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