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Yes, falling makes you die in The Last Guardian


Team ICO is giving The Last Guardian a touch of reality. When you fall from extreme heights, you'll get the old game over.

(Note: I'm not sure if there's actually a "game over" screen or not -- but the game will end.)

Other points mentioned in this week's Dengeki, which appears to have an interview with Fumito Ueda:

  • If you hit Torico's nose with something (and why would you do that, you jerk?), he will sneeze (awww).
  • Torico views the guards that roam the areas of play as enemies, so he'll automatically attack them.
  • There are some stages that will see land form transformations.
  • It's currently a secret if there are are other creatures of the same race as Torico. Similarly, it's a secret if there are massive Torico-sized enemies.

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