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Dengeki PlayStation has confirmed that the new Atelier game is indeed for PlayStation 3.

In an earlier report (see below), we wrote that the new game may feature an older Rorona. That may be incorrect.

The magazine shows 14-year-old Rorona, as she appeared in Atelier Rorona, and the 22-year-old Rorona, as she appeared in sequel Atelier Totori. The image of the older Rorona is accompanied by a message in which Rorona says that she's grown even further for the new game and she'll be debuting her new form exclusively to Dengeki PlayStation's readers. Turn the page, though, and you see a child Rorona with a big "!?".

It looks like the message from Rorona was just a joke, and the new game will feature a younger version of the character.

We may have to wait a couple of weeks for details, though, as Dengeki PlayStation is a biweekly magazine.

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