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Sony Shows How To (probably not) Sell Motorstorm 3 to Japan

Will narration from Amuro Ray voice actor Toru Furuya get people looking at the PS3 racing sequel? No. The answer is no.


Sony is gearing up for Motorstorm 3's March 17 release. The only problem is... the average Japanese person probably doesn't care.

But what if the game's trailer was narrated by Amuro Ray (Gundam) and Yamcha (Dragon Ball) voice actor Toru Furuya?

Yeah... they probably still won't care.

But at least you have a neat little video to watch with some excellent voice work from Furuya! Have a look here:

if you like what you hear, you'll find two more Furuya narrated Motorstorm videos at the game's official site.

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