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Dynasty Warriors 7: Gallery, Encyclopedia and Bonuses

You'll get a different costume depending on where you buy.


Dynasty Warriors 7 sees release in just a couple of days (people should be flying getting it tomorrow!), so this could be our last big look at the game.

Tecmo Koei filled in some of the blanks on modes and bonus goodies today. We covered some of this last week, but now we've got some high res media to go along with the details.


Go here to view movies, cut scenes, weapons, characters and more as you acquire them in the game. The gallery will also be updated with wallpapers, which you can use to spruce up the game's loading screens.


This mode contains information about Sangokushi, allowing you to follow the story in chronological order. You'll also find background details on generals and battles.


Use this mode to learn the basics of Dynasty Warriors gameplay along with elements that are new for part 7, including EX Attacks and Variable Attacks. You control Guan Ping in this mode, with father Guan Yu acting as your guide.


Pre-order Dynasty Warriors 7 at select shops, and you'll get some classic costumes for your characters. How classic? I'm talking PlayStation Dynasty Warriors classic. That's way back when the game was a 3D fighter whose Japanese version was known as "Sangoku Musou."

These are from (counterclockwise from upper left) Geo; Yoshimoto; Game Tsutaya/Wonder Goo and Yodobashi; and Bic Camera, Sofmap, Joshin, Imagine and Game City.

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